Monday, June 27, 2005

Let me introduce myself

I struggled to find a name for my blog that truly captures "me." Well, that didn't happen, so this will have to work.

Sarcasm is how I express myself 80% of the time. If you are one of those types who cannot appreciate the fine art of sarcasm, then this blog is not for you. If you are - then welcome to my space and make yourself at home.

So, about me. Because I know you care.

I'm an engineer, married, late 20's, who is stuck in Houston, Texas. I do not like Texas. Yes, I know I should leave if I don't like it here - but there's this little issue about JOBS and AFFORDABLE housing that kinda gets in the way. Until I find a solution to those issues, we're stuck.

I'm on a swim team for adults. So, every once in a while, you'll have to tolerate my posts about swimming. Because I like swimming - and discussing various milestones I make.

I make jewelry on the side - as a creative outlet. A girl has to do something "girlie" to make up for all this time I spend at work with male engineers with the personalities of buckets of mud (or rocks, or hair - which ever you prefer).

For my other interests - camping, hiking, mountain biking, and travel to places that are not like Texas (hot, humid, flat).

That about sums me up.

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kt said...

hi erin! have fun with your new blog! i'll make sure to link ya =)