Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today we had a new kind of swim practice - 1 hr of pilates follwed by a 1 mile swim outside. This was really, really nice, mostly because it was a beautiful sunday afternoon. I love swimming after pilates. You're relaxed and very self aware. Swimming is just so easy feeling after pilates. The sun was wonderful too - even if my face did get a bit pink.

We're a little over a week away from our Rome trip. We're trying to keep our schedule pretty open. We arrive on March 5th in the morning and leave March 9th in the morning. We want to hit the archaeolgical highlights (Collessium, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Palentine Hill). We wanted to see Pompeii, but its a 3 hr trip each way on a train and pretty crowded. So, instead we're going to Ostia Antica for a half day or so. Its only a 30 min train ride and you pretty much get the same experience as with Pompeii, only with fewer people. Plus, we can hop on the train for one more stop and hit the beach on the Mediterranean Sea. And I'd love to rent bikes and spend some time biking down the Via Appia Antica (Appian Way). This is the section with the catacombs, which we may or may not see.

We're also considering the
Borghese Gallery, which apparently if you only hit one museum, this is the one to see.

I think we're going to pass on the Vatican, mostly because we only have 4 days in Rome and I really don't want to spend a whole day waiting in lines and then inside just looking at stuff. Sure, its cool stuff, but I'd rather be outside in a Piazza eating gelato and people watching.

Also on the list: taking a bazillion pictures, eating my weight in gelato, pizza, and wine, and just hanging out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let the "I'm unprepared for Italy" dreams begin

I had my first dream about our upcoming trip last night. Clearly, I need to start packing NOW if this dream is any indication.

We're flying Delta (crossing fingers) from Houston to Atlanta to Rome. Houston has 2 airports, both of which fly to Atlanta.

In my dream, we roll into IAH, get onto our plane, only our plane doesn't take off. It leaves IAH, folds its wings up and DRIVES to the other airport. This is to pick up the other people going to Atlanta before we leave town. And during this drive, I'm a total wreck.

So then we get to the other airport and leave. I'm very thankful that the flight schedule we chose had 2.5 hrs of layover (our other IRL option had 50 minutes - and that equals lost luggage at ATL). So we get to ATL, only I realize I didn't bring any shoes, sunglasses, or sunscreen with us. How did I not pack those basics? But fortunately for us - there's a Target set up right in the terminal (or at least shelves with Target logos in the middle of the terminal walkways). So I'm shopping, but now panicking because I cannot find sunscreen. And who know if Italy has sunscreen...... and then I wake up.

Yep, definitely a sign that I should start a list and setting things aside now.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Hurrah! I can wear matching shoes again!

Buh-bye big ugly velcro bootie. I had a follow-up appt today and my foot is healed!!! The doctor showed me the before and after x-rays, and remember how I tried to convince myself that the bone wasn't *that* broken? Yeah, well.... it was actually really truly broken. Good thing I didn't run, huh? :smacks self on forehead:

So now I have 6 weeks in a super-hawt navy ankle brace. But at least most of my shoes will fit over that.

And the best part? No more making fun of me. I swear, if I heard another peg-leg or penguin comment...... and no more having to have this conversation over and over again:

Random Stranger: what did you do to your foot
me: I broke it
RS: no way - how?
me: I don't know
RS: what do you mean you don't know?
me: what I mean is, I have no idea how I broke it

and so on. trust me, it got REALLY old. Especially after the very drunk lady at happy hour who kept bugging me and told me that should I ever give birth, I won't need an epidural b/c my pain tolerance is high. umkay, thanks. Really, the less I can do to attract freaks, the better off everybody is.