Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let the "I'm unprepared for Italy" dreams begin

I had my first dream about our upcoming trip last night. Clearly, I need to start packing NOW if this dream is any indication.

We're flying Delta (crossing fingers) from Houston to Atlanta to Rome. Houston has 2 airports, both of which fly to Atlanta.

In my dream, we roll into IAH, get onto our plane, only our plane doesn't take off. It leaves IAH, folds its wings up and DRIVES to the other airport. This is to pick up the other people going to Atlanta before we leave town. And during this drive, I'm a total wreck.

So then we get to the other airport and leave. I'm very thankful that the flight schedule we chose had 2.5 hrs of layover (our other IRL option had 50 minutes - and that equals lost luggage at ATL). So we get to ATL, only I realize I didn't bring any shoes, sunglasses, or sunscreen with us. How did I not pack those basics? But fortunately for us - there's a Target set up right in the terminal (or at least shelves with Target logos in the middle of the terminal walkways). So I'm shopping, but now panicking because I cannot find sunscreen. And who know if Italy has sunscreen...... and then I wake up.

Yep, definitely a sign that I should start a list and setting things aside now.

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