Sunday, September 05, 2010

Maybe that whole thing about the Mayan Calendar is true

For the first time ever, I've run more than I've swam.  Eeeks.

I'm afraid to find out what this means....

Acutally, its just because there was a storm (abeit a VERY far off storm) Friday morning, which meant that practice was cancelled.  I meant to head in later in the day, but work had other plans.  But still, nearly 2x the amount of run time.  Craziness.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

August Totals

Not really training for anything, so this is really a filler post.  lolz.  Well, scratch that.  I am technically training for the Houston Marathon, but looking at my training calendar, I realized there was only one week where I ran all 3 of my weekly runs.  Most weeks I only got in 2 runs a week.  Maybe I'll do better this month....

Bike: 3h 42m 23s - 60 Mi

Run: 8h 33m 48s - 44.54 Mi
Swim: 9h 31m 13s - 24578.08 Yd
Yoga: 3h 00m


Analysis: bike was much lower, but that's because I've intentionally not been riding it much.  And July had a century ride.  Run was slightly higher, and that was including bailing on 2 long runs because of race conflicts, and I missed another long run for vacation.  I'll consider that a success.  Swim yardage was higher, which is interesting since I took a week vacation.  I suppose all things considered, August was a pretty decent training but not-really-training month.

Review of August Goals
  • Still going for the "take it easy and have fun" with some modifications. goal achieved!
  • Start marathon training. I signed up for Kenyan way and I have my schedule for the month. I can't follow it completely due to some race conflicts but overall it seems manageable. I think I'm on target with this goal.
  • Lazy-Hazy 5k (my last race for Team JambaJuice). I'm hesitant to put a time goal down because of the heat, but during the last 5k I walked for 30 seconds at the last water station. If I didn't walk, I would have finished in under 31 minutes. Granted, I still had a PR that day, but I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't gut it out more. Its only 3 miles. I should have sucked it up more. Goal for this race is no walking unless puking is imminent. My time was slower than the last 5k I did, but I stayed true to my goal and did not walk.  I attribute the slower time (nearly a minute) to the fact that it was WAY HOTTER.  Like I had no buisness running a 5k kind of hot. 
  • TriGirl Sprint Triathlon. This will be my first "repeat" triathlon and it will be interesting to see if I've improved. Last year I finished in 1:16. Granted, I haven't been training for sprints AT ALL. And really, I've barely touched my bike. But I would be very happy if I could beat my time from last year, just knowing that my overall fitness and mental toughness have improved since last year. Didn't beat my time, but I think that's because distances were different (swim, especially) and the bike course had more 90-degree turns.  My overall rannkings (age group and overall) were better, so this is probably a better way to evaluate improvement. 
  • Slowly break in my Newtons. Its very tempting to rush it, but I'm going to be responsible and break them in properly so I don't get injured. I'm staying on plan.  Currently up to running 3 miles in the Newtons.  I really really like them :)
September Goals
I'm actually not going to do goals this month, because so many things are up in the air.  I pretty much have the first 2 weeks of September where I know I can stay on schedule and the rest of it is chaos.  Two weeks of babysitting a boat in a refinery has a way of doing that to you.  October looks even crazier, and don't even get me started on this fall and winter. 

So I guess my goal for September is to enjoy the calm before the storm.  Because really, the next 6 months ahead of me are looking really insane (but in a way where things will all be better when we come out the other side).  How's that for vague and ominous?