Friday, February 08, 2008

Hurrah! I can wear matching shoes again!

Buh-bye big ugly velcro bootie. I had a follow-up appt today and my foot is healed!!! The doctor showed me the before and after x-rays, and remember how I tried to convince myself that the bone wasn't *that* broken? Yeah, well.... it was actually really truly broken. Good thing I didn't run, huh? :smacks self on forehead:

So now I have 6 weeks in a super-hawt navy ankle brace. But at least most of my shoes will fit over that.

And the best part? No more making fun of me. I swear, if I heard another peg-leg or penguin comment...... and no more having to have this conversation over and over again:

Random Stranger: what did you do to your foot
me: I broke it
RS: no way - how?
me: I don't know
RS: what do you mean you don't know?
me: what I mean is, I have no idea how I broke it

and so on. trust me, it got REALLY old. Especially after the very drunk lady at happy hour who kept bugging me and told me that should I ever give birth, I won't need an epidural b/c my pain tolerance is high. umkay, thanks. Really, the less I can do to attract freaks, the better off everybody is.

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