Monday, November 14, 2005

Being a grown up makes my head spin, and its not because I'm drunk

Which may be part of the problem.

When did I grow up? I know that I really don't want to be a grown up, that's for sure. Except for the having money and independence part, I'll keep that.

Will and I have decided to do some major home improvement. New siding and windows. Because our windows are single paned aluminum and were cheap ass shit back in 1983, which with inflation, makes them well, cheaper than cheap ass shit. And our siding is currently pressboard which has a nasty habit of rotting and flaking off paint. Nice qualities in a house, let me tell you. So, we've signed our lives away for the same value that my college loans were. Which is more valuable? Siding that you'll never have to paint or replace and *never* having to hear the neighbors kid crying from inside your house ...... or a 4 year engineering degree. Too close to call. And don't even get me started on the home owner association "approval" committee. The guy didn't like the products that we are getting for kind-of random reasons (and reasons that don't apply, as we have warantees for issues like what he was talking about) - although he did say he'd approve our request, b/c there's nothing in the covenant preventing it. All we want is siding and windows. Siding in blue (current color) and white windows. Its not like we're painting the house purple with pentagram accents or anything. But the disparaging comments from the home owner group made me hyperventilate and my head swirl around and completely prevented me from making a decision and being able to stick with it for more than 10 minutes. Then you add in Will, and it wasn't fun at all. Which is why I need a drink.

See what I mean about growing up? You never had to worry about this crap when you were care free and younger. My worries were more like "which flavor lip gloss should I wear on my date tonight? Grape or rasbperry?" or "which body part do I want to get pierced this month?" Now my decisions are so boring. Although I do get to choose which kind of mixed drink I can make myself from my nicely stocked bar - which is a nice perk for being older. I'll admit that much.


Vicky said...

I think purple with pentagram accents is *totally* the way to go!

kt said...

i am so there with you.. which is why i've reverted back to being 22, apparently. whoo hoo! avoidance is the way to go! =)