Thursday, March 09, 2006

Case study: why suburban mothers in Texas should never become costume designers

I soooo wish my husband's camera phone worked better to capture this image properly.

Got free tickets to see the Houston Rockets last night. Ridiculously good seats - 9th row behind the visitors bench.

The half-time entertainment:

(again, apologizing for the craptastic picture quality...)

What you see in this very blurry picture is some high school dance troupe doing some sort of african interpretive dance. As they walked out, all four of us had a "the hell?" moment then broke out in giggles. These poor girls. Their costumes were easily the most horrific thing I've seen for something like this. Even Santino wouldn't have come close. I felt really, really bad for them.

The costumes consisted of a black leotard, but with the mid-section as black mesh. Then it had a bias skirt in fake tiger print and a big floofy collar and headbands made of brown feathers and gold sequins. And one ankle band of feathers, and perhaps wrist bands of feathers too. Fake tiger print AND feathers? Pick and animal and stick with it please. Unless you're trying to depict what a tiger looks like while he's eating a bird covered in sequins.

The dance moves were pretty funny too. Plenty of unflattering poses, and a couple where the girls paired up, and one girl had to hold another girl in an unflattering way then crawl overhere (it was complicated and bizarre and very hard to describe.)

This ranks as really one of the most bizarre halftime performances I've witnessed. Just really, really strange.... and funny!

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