Sunday, July 02, 2006

My (hopeful) solution to the summer tv blahs

Is is me, or does this summer's prime time TV options suck more than it usually does? You know its bad when you're watching PBS or the Science channel b/c there's nothing better on.

The only new shows I'm currently watching are: 4400, Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, and Treasure Hunters. That's it. 2.5 hrs per week. My tivo is really feeling neglected!

So, my solution to the "what the heck do I watch at night" issue is to put a bunch of tv series dvds on my Netflix cue. This week its Season 1 Disc one of Firefly (somehow, we missed this show when it aired) and Twin Peaks. I figure we'll work our way thru both of these series and then we can watch old Alias or X-Files episodes to pass the time after that. The series DVDs seems like a good solution b/c its easier to commit to watching 1 or 2 1-hr tv shows than an entire movie.

So, what shows would you like to watch for the first time or re-visit this summer?

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