Friday, July 09, 2010

June Totals

Amusing because there's not much to June....

Bike: 8h 29m 31s - 115.38 Mi

Run: 6h 29m 09s - 32.51 Mi
Swim: 6h 35m 08s - 16612 Yd
Pilates: 2h 00m
Yoga: 3h 00m

Checking in on June's goals....

Have fun at the Boise 70.3 done

Try not to have to walk up any hills on the bike portion of the race I still have to finish my race report, but there really was only one monster hill.  Fortunately we had a tailwind for that so I made it up just fine.  The race directors were strange and decided to put aid station #2 IN THE MIDDLE OF AN UPHILL CLIMB.  I was with Jeff and we both had to get water and knew we had to physically stop due to the hill.  Fine.  But me being stubborn and my "no walking up hills" goal decided that I was going to clip in and ride up this hill.  Even though almost everyone else was walking.  So, I clipped one foot in and of course, couldn't turn my foot over in time to get clipped in and moving, so I did the super awesome slow motion side crash, in front of everyone at the water station.  And somehow I managed to cut my leg so I was bleeding.  So, I just walked up the hill, being slightly mortified.  But I'm not counting this one against me.  Jeff was very happy to report to the entire family in T2 that "Erin is bleeding and its awesome."  Lovely.

Enjoy my vacation done

Take the rest of June "easy" done
Goals for July are a bit of a joke.... I'm playing it by ear since IMTX has thrown a wrench in my fall plans.  I'm not really training for anything, but should do a century ride next weekend (funny since I really haven't been riding much) and I need to start training for my January 2011 marathon.  But sleeping in and being a bum is just soooooo nice right now. 

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