Thursday, August 05, 2010

July Totals

Not sure if this will much better than June.  I was a slacker in July and it was awesome.  If your definition of slacker includes doing a century ride.  Clearly, my grasp on reality is not a strong one.  Plus, I don't live and die by how many miles or mintues I've trained right now.  Its very freeing and I can honestly say I'm having a fun time.  I'm probably logging as many miles/minutes as I was at this point last summer, but compared the structure and volume of my HIM training this spring, I feel very relaxed and free.  Way cool.

Bike: 10h 18m 29s - 167.21 Mi [115 miles in June]
Run: 8h 04m 02s - 41.25 Mi  [32.51 miles in June]
Swim: 8h 09m 42s - 21250 Yd  [16612 yards in June]
Pilates: 50m
Yoga: 4h 00m

So ok, slightly better than June.  Interesting.  I've been cycling sporadically (every other weekend), swimming Wed and Friday (Monday is now my rest day - I used to have Friday as my rest day but I figure with all my big IMTX weekends, Monday recovery will be manditory).  I have been consistently running.  Typically 3 miles on Tuesday and a longer run on Saturday (8-10 miles).  I'm really trying to be consistent on the running, which is hard because of the heat, but I do not want to lose my base which I worked so hard to attain.

And recently, I've noticed that I'm really liking yoga.  More than pilates.  I used to loooove pilates but the gym switched instructors ~9 months ago, and while she's ince and technically good, its just not very hard.  I'm just not getting much out of it - not seeing much improvement.  But with yoga, I'm seeing improvement.  Lately I've been getting "very good" and no posture corrections from the instructor, which is cool.  I'm really surprised by my changing tastes because I've been a big fan of pilates for years and now here I am considering dropping it from my training routine completely.

Review of July Goals
I really didn't have any goals other than "take it easy and have fun."  Mission accomplished.  I like goals like this.

Goals for August
  • Still going for the "take it easy and have fun" with some modifications.
  • Start marathon training.  I signed up for Kenyan way and I have my schedule for the month.  I can't follow it completely due to some race conflicts but overall it seems manageable.
  • Lazy-Hazy 5k (my last race for Team JambaJuice).  I'm hesitant to put a time goal down because of the heat, but during the last 5k I walked for 30 seconds at the last water station.  If I didn't walk, I would have finished in under 31 minutes.  Granted, I still had a PR that day, but I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't gut it out more.  Its only 3 miles.  I should have sucked it up more.  Goal for this race is no walking unless puking is imminent.
  • TriGirl Sprint Triathlon.  This will be my first "repeat" triathlon and it will be interesting to see if I've improved.  Last year I finished in 1:16.  Granted, I haven't been training for sprints AT ALL.  And really, I've barely touched my bike.  But I would be very happy if I could beat my time from last year, just knowing that my overall fitness and mental toughness have improved since last year.
  • Slowly break in my Newtons.  Its very tempting to rush it, but I'm going to be responsible and break them in properly so I don't get injured. 

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