Monday, October 04, 2010

September Totals

Still in "not really training" mode.  I did try to focus more on running this month.  When I did last month's post, I realized that while I'm supposed to be running 3 times a week (2 x 5 miles, 1 x long run) I was consistently only doing 2 of the 3 runs, for various reasons (usually related to work or a race).  So, in my brilliance, I decided to make sure I did all 3 runs the first week of Sept, effectively a 22% mileage increase.  And I used my Newtons for both 5 mile runs.  In my warped head, I figured that I'd built up to 5 miles in the Newtons, so 2 x 5 miles (Tues/Thurs) was no big deal.  Also, I somehow think that if its on my plan, even when I don't run according to plan, I'm still operating at that mileage.  So I didn't think that adding another 5 miles to my week would do anything.  Wrong.  Hellllooo shin splints, where have you been?  And also I developed some new achilles tenderness.  Which made me skip some runs in September, and now I'm in some sort of loop.  But I think I learned my lesson.  Hopefully.

Bike: 5h 53m 08s - 95.09 Mi (including 40k bike from a race)
Run: 12h 24m 17s - 63.32 Mi (not too shabby - up from 44 miles last month).
Swim: 9h 56m 04s - 25240.42 Yd
Yoga: 3h 00m

Interesting tidbit - Sept ties for my 2nd highest monthly run mileage.  The highest was 86 miles in May (peak IM Boise 70.3 training) then I had 63 miles in April (build month for IM TX 70.3).  Pretty cool that I'm maintaining a mileage that was once really hard to maintain.

Review of September Goals

Enjoy the calm before the storm. I think September was a pretty chill month.  I did a nice ride on the IronStar course, put down a decent time on the Houston Olympic Triathlon, even though I haven't been training specifically for it.  Tried to be more consistent with the running, but only managed to run my 3 runs/week once, which resulted in injury.  Awesome.  But I did get in every long run in Sept, except for one.  I had to work that Saturday and had the Oly the next day, so chances are even if I wasn't working, I would have skipped that run anyways. 

October Goals
  • Work on consistent weekly running.  Would like to be able to report back next month that I was running 3x a week, just like my schedule says.
  • Work on tempo and speeds for running.  Now that the cool weather is back, I need to incorporate more tempo running into my weekday runs.
  • Enjoy this month - its the last month before Ironman training begins.

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