Friday, September 09, 2011

Lost: Motivation

I think I've finally hit burn out mode.  I've been skipping workouts like crazy, which is so not like me.

This week:
  • Monday: 10 mile running race
  • Tuesday morning: yoga
  • Tuesday: track night was rained out, so we went to a bar for beer and food.
  • Wednesday: swim team.  Also: should have done my track workout but I did not.
  • Thursday: should have run 6 miles.  Instead, I got up, the house was cool, which meant it was "cold" outside. So, I turned my alarm off and slept in.  Could have ran after work, but instead, I peeled, sliced, and froze about 30 peaches. Priorities.....
  • Friday: should have got up to hit swim practice, but the forecast was for a low of 47, and we swim outside, and Friday is sprint day (which I hate).  So I slept in. 
What is wrong with me?  I never skip swim practice!

Here's some random analysis of where my motivation has gone.
  1. I really do not like my current swim team.  The workouts are not challenging, I've been there since June and really haven't made a connection with anyone.  Even thought at Highlands Ranch I never made friends, at least the workouts were challenging and I was learning new things.  At Inverness, the coach pushes the easy button on the workouts, which doesn't exactly inspire me to do anything more than "easy button".  And since I really don't know anyone there, there's no one to hold me accountable.  After my tri this Sunday, I'm even thinking of taking the rest of the month off from swimming (and getting my Ironman tattoo).  I dunno though.  This would be the longest break from swimming since 2006. 
  2. Based on my recent racing experience, I'm rocking it without really doing much training.  Normally, I train out of fear that I won't perform to my expectations.  Only lately, I'm exceeding expectations without training.  Soooo, why train if I don't have to?
  3. I think I'm so scarred for life from training in the snow last winter/spring, that I really just want to stay in my warm bed.  I am not ready for winter.  Even though 47 really isn't cold, its more the idea that real, true cold is on its way, so I'd better start hibernating now.  Or maybe its more like I didn't get to stay in my nice warm bed at all earlier this year, so I'm making up for lost time.
  4. I only have one more tri this season, and its a sprint.  I could do that in my sleep.  Or I've got myself convinced I could do it in my sleep.  We'll see how true this is Sunday. :/  Besides, with this sucky swim team, I haven't swam anything longer than a 200 (which is my warm up) since May.  This sprint is a 500 pool swim, which I suspect will hurt.
  5. I've been battling shin splints since February.  They're not awful, but lately, I'm just more and more annoyed with them.  When I run, they hurt for ~2 days after.  Its irritating.  If I don't run, they don't hurt.  No irritation.  So therefore, I just don't feel like running. (I do have a physical therapy appt for Monday for this).
  6. October will mark the anniversary of the start of IMTX training.  I trained HARD for 8 months.  I've been training sorta-hard since then.  Well, not hard for me, but hard for the average person.  I think I just want a break.
Maybe next week will be better.


Anonymous said...

I'm still so impressed that you made it through IM training without losing motivation... especially through all of the cold weather.

You don't have a big race to train for, so maybe a rest period will do you some good. I'm sure you'll be back at it in no time :)

Where's said IM tattoo going?

Erin said...

Probably my left back shoulder. I like the idea of it on my calf, but I don't like the idea of having to explain it at work.