Friday, August 10, 2012

just blah

There's a whole lot of nothing going on here.  Blah.  My next MRI is in a week, but honestly, I think my foot is still broken.  I can feel the fracture, but I'm not sure if the sensation is that of healing or it still being broken.  I was trying to be upbeat and optimistic (hey, I can work on upper body strength and ride my bike tons!) but in all reality, without a race to motivate me, I have become a slug.  I love swim team, but I can't even motivate myself to do that very often, because I can't kick.  Pulling for 3,000 m is no fun at all.  Neither is being significantly slower than everyone else because you can't kick.  Riding my bike is still fun, but I've been busy doing other things and I really need a fit on the roadie before I can really put in the miles.  My fit is tomorrow so hopefully I can get back up on the bike in time for an early September century ride in Boulder.

Also really sad: my left leg is atrophying.  I can't even describe how sad this makes me feel.

Also really crappy: we've had visitors nearly every weekend, all from out of town.  Out of town people want to go to the mountains and do active things.  I however, am benched from being active.  I'm really pushing it by fly fishing for a few hours.  Which, really, standing around for a few hours isn't very active.

I can't really do a whole lot around the house, so its getting more and more messy.  (Will thinks vacuuming every 3 weeks is all the cleaning that the house needs.....)  Thank goodness we have a freezer full of meat and my weekly fruit/veggie deliveries, or we'd starve.  Even going to the grocery store is hard.

Essentially, my life is frozen and I am being forced into being a couch potato.  I hate it.

Hopefully my MRI comes back clean and then in a MONTH I can start doing active, weight-bearing activities.  I swear, I can hardly even remember that I have IMCDA coming up next June.  Its just so far off and I'm so down in my little cave of unhappiness that this race just doesn't seem like it will happen.  I know it will, but right now, I can't really think about it.  Mainly because once healed, my next month will be spent cleaning the house and taking care of all the crap that I was supposed to do this summer but haven't been able to.


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