Thursday, August 01, 2013

June and July 2013 - Training Totals

Completely forgot to do my June training totals, so here's June and July.


Swim: 9h 28m - 28,870 Yd
Bike: 29h 6m 36s - 416.9 Mi
Run: 17h 2m 24s - 88.93 Mi

Of course, June includes IMCDA, a century ride, and some other long stuff.  My numbers look pretty solid, but something to keep in mind is that I pretty much took a week+ off.  


Swim: 12h 40m - 35870.52 Yd
Bike: 15h 30m 52s - 212.08 Mi
Run: 5h 14m 27s - 22.73 Mi

Not too bad, considering I was still wiped out for weeks after IMCDA and with my broken toe, I couldn't run until last week.  So really, the run total was done in a week and day (with maybe some walking in there too).

For grins, I ran my training chart for April - July.
What's interesting is that June had my highest run volume, and that June and April bike distances were pretty much equal.  And I'm swimming a bunch, even in "recovery".

Recovery is going ok-ish.  I was sore for 2 days after my race, then I was ok.  But the fatigue was crushing at times - I was needing a daily nap for a week.  Two weeks post-race I tried swim practice and that was a HUGE mistake which made me feel even more tired that during my peak weeks of training.  Four weeks out I was swimming and doing some easy bike rides.  I tried to do my usual local hill route with my club and my heart rate was easily 10-15 bpm than it was during taper and I was dying.  Not a good impression to make on my club "I've never done a triathlon" newbies.  They kicked my ass and here I am with the Mdot tattoo on my leg and a 2-time IM finisher.  Fatigue and recovery are strange things.  I don't remember being this deeply fatigued after IMTX, but I pushed much harder for IMCDA and so it makes sense that the recovery is longer and deeper than before.

My toe is ok-ish too.  I started running a full month post race and fracture.  It feels ok when I run and is a bit sore afterwards.  I think/hope it is just tendons and ligaments getting used to movement.  This week is better than last week in terms of it being sore, so I think that's a good sign.

This month is about getting used to moving again.  I've had 2-a-day workouts twice this week, and my body and mind are like ugh, this again?  Well, yes, this again.  Because I've got a 70.3 in approximately 13 weeks.  And Ragnar in a little over a month.  

I realized that with IM Boulder next month (what's the official abbreviation for this?  I've seen BIM), my entire race season is the Boulder Tri Series.  I won't have time during May-June-July for any other races.  And if this year's recovery is any indication, I won't be up for racing in August or Sept.  That kinda sucks.  So I may be planning a fun vacation for late August as a distraction.  Perhaps coastal Alaska - we shall see.

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