Monday, September 02, 2013

August 2013 Training Totals

aka starting to get serious again.  Or really, I just ran a lot.


Swim: 11h 21m 10s - 32097.99 Yd
Bike: 11h 31m 46s - 169.95 Mi
Run: 15h 39m 21s - 86.23 Mi


Swim: 12h 40m - 35870.52 Yd
Bike: 15h 30m 52s - 212.08 Mi
Run: 5h 14m 27s - 22.73 Mi

July was pretty much a recovery month from IMCDA - and I had a broken toe so no running.
August was race month, where I had 5 races in 4 weekends.  It was also "welcome back to running" month.

Looking at my logs, this was my 2nd highest run volume month EVER.  If I had done my full 90 min run on Saturday, it would have been my highest.  My calves and feet are bugging me (going numb b/c they're crazy tight) and I was under strict instructions to cut the run short if my foot went numb again.  I got a beating massage Friday and that seemed to help.  During my run on Thurs, my foot went numb for the last 1.5 mi and wouldn't release, even with stopping and stretching.  Saturday I made it an hour (conveniently a full loop) before it went numb and I stopped.  It released right away, so I feel like I'm doing better.  I also managed to very nearly sprain my ankle on Saturday by trying to take a step on the side/top of my foot.  That really doesn't work so well.  Fortunately, its ok.  Good thing too, because Ragnar is in a week.

This month was also the month of running up hills.  I think that in the past 8 days (Sat - Sat) I managed to climb 2,000+ feet during my 45 - 60 min runs, averaging 500 feet climbing per run.

September will be more of the same, but with longer bike rides, all in prep of my 70.3 that's in early November.  I'm actually excited to run less and ride more.

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