Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Years Day Run

My friends and I went on a fun little trail run for New Years Day.  It had snowed about 1" at my house and I was hopeful that the park would be coated in fresh snow.  But sadly (and weirdly) they didn't get any fresh snow.  That meant the trail consisted of mud, packed snow, and ice.  That made for an interesting time.

We did both loops, about 5.3 miles and 900 ft climbing.  Footing was a bit tricky - the mud made for heavy shoes (my foot nearly popped out a few times) and the ice was well, icy.  Add single track trail and a pretty good drop off....  I wish I had more photos but I had to focus so I wouldn't fall to my doom.

detour to a scenic outlook.  We're so color coordinated
Ryan on single track snowpacked trail
scenic outlook from the South Rim loop trail, about 6,480 ft looking north
I love trail running :)

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Anonymous said...

That looks gorgeous. I can't wait to come visit again!