Wednesday, February 05, 2014

January 2014 Training Totals

Man, I've done a lot of running in January...

January 2014
Swim: 9h 15m - 26137.36 Yd
Bike: 10h 03m 11s - 131.59 Mi
Run: 14h 20m 35s - 75.87 Mi
Skiing: 7h
Yoga: 1h

This was my 3rd biggest run volume month in 2013.  Bummer is that many of these runs have been done on the treadmill.  Winter running in Colorado has been challenging.

Swim/bike/yoga totals are a bit low, due to travel and being sick right after new years.  Yeah, 1 stinking yoga class in January.  Not good.

I'd say I'm steadily in base building mode.  The main difference is that my runs are quite a bit faster than last year.  My weekday runs in early 2013 were progressive pace runs (3 x 15 min, and you get progressively faster each 5 min within the 15 min block).  This time, my coach has me doing 4 x 2k (1.24 mi) somewhere between my 10k and 10 mi pace or doing some stuff at my half marathon pace, or doing stuff at my 10k pace.  Much longer and faster tempo intervals.  The good news is that my body is handling it pretty well.

She's also having me swim 1:15 for each masters practice, which typically works to 3400 m.  Last year it was 1 hr but I'd go to 1:10 to get my 3000 m done.  For some reason, it doesn't seem like I'm riding a whole lot, but I just think that's because my weekend rides are only 1.5-2 hrs long.  I somehow always think that weekend rides need to be 3+ hrs.

I imagine that Feb will be about the same as January and March will end up being a bit more.  Thinking the real work starts in April.

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