Friday, February 03, 2006

Wherin I do my impression of a flopping beached whale

Relay meet is tomorrow. So, we spent half of practice doing relay starts. Pretty entertaining really, as one of my friends hasn’t done a start off the blocks in oh, 25 yrs. I’m certain we were a graceful bunch. Confirmation is from all the red marks on my upper thighs (regular start) and back (backstroke start) from my body smacking the water. And all the bruises I’m sure I will have tomorrow from me scraping my shin as I climbed out of the pool (I hate using the ladder) and on my arm from when I smacked my arm against the block as I was not-so-gracefully climbing out of the pool.

Hey, at least my goggles stayed on!

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Brian Lavery said...

I found your site through KT's.
Looking forward to hear about the swim meet. From previus posts you are putting in some pretty good practices. How about some results - ie. race times?
But, hey, if you are just doing it for fun (as Masters should be) then I don't want to stress you out.