Tuesday, May 02, 2006

If your TiVo does this, you're basically f*cked

We turned on the TiVo on our big tv and this is what was on the screen....

The YELLOW screen of death! Sure, it says its powering up all friedly like and seems cheerfull with its very bright yellow sunrise. But having this vision on the screen for 20 minutes, all the while fearing you're burning that very cheery bright yellow sunrise onto your tv is *not* a good thing. At all.

I'm so sad. Hard drive cratered. 70 hr memory, less than a year old.... Good thing we got it for free.

I made Will call customer service last night (I was too drained after quitting to take care of it myself). Turns out, the CS guy he got was also a Broncos fan, so they talked about the Draft and the future of the team. They got along so well, CS is not only sending us a replacement unit (as they should), but he waived the 2-day FedEx charge! Woo!

We should have our new unit Wed. I'm just glad we kept our old unit (hooked it up in the bedroom). I moved it to the living room so we can watch our shows on the big tv. The only sucky part is that we lost shows on the old hard drive, and I still haven't caught up on Prison Break, but I'll deal.

Go Broncos! And this is the *only* time I say that and mean it.

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Vicky said...

Dude, thats not good!!!

Sweet on getting a free replacement (as they should!!) and the shipping.

Good luck coordinating all the shows tonight. Wednesdays are a bitch for that.