Sunday, November 11, 2007

On the trail last Saturday

So, I've got 2 months until this half marathon and really, I haven't been doing much to get ready for it. Bought new shoes and some training clothes, but have only spent 3 hour long sessions on the treadmill, and did 3.5 miles at the park. Then I got sick and decided to "recover" for 2 weeks.

So Saturday I decided that I'd hit the trail and get some miles in. I intended to do 4-5 miles. Right after I started, it began to rain. I waited 5 minutes for the rain to die down, walked 2 miles, then "boom" pouring rain. I almost called my husband to come pick me up, but I decided to just accept the fact that I was already wet, and getting a bit more soggy wouldn't be the end of the world. I stowed my MP3 player away in my camelback pack so it wouldn't get wet and plodded on.

The only bad part was that the concrete trail gets a bit slippery when its wet. Otherwise it was kinda fun. I even jogged for the flat bits. Until mile 6 when my very slow jog was even slower than my fast walk.

All in all, I did 7 miles and returned home soaking wet. It took 2 hours, due to me screwing around with various things. Like forgetting that my cell phone was in the mesh pocket of my camelback, exposed to rain, and re-adjusting my shoelaces.

My legs are still sore.

And random sighting of the day. Before it was pouring rain, I saw a woman cyclist with a green parrot on her shoulder. Definitely not something you'd expect to see at the park. And the woman was booking it on her bike.

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