Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rest definitely makes a difference

Today I did the Continental Classic ride today, which is basically the IronStar course. This was my 4th time on the course, last time being Nov 09 during the IronStar Aquabike.  For that race, I was very fatigued - falling asleep every night by 8:30 PM, crabby, and just probably the most tired I've been since being diagnosed with hypothyoidism.  Today, I'm pretty fresh, rested, and ready to go. 

Comparison of the two rides:
IronStar - avg HR 158, avg speed 15.8 mph, time 3:31 (56 miles), level of effort - huge.  I was wiped out.
CC - avg HR 148, avg speed 15.8 mph, time 2:56 (46 miles), level of effort - zone 2.  Went out and ran 3 miles right after and felt fine.  I haven't even really taken a nap.

Sure, for IronStar, I did swim before the ride and it was 10 miles longer.  Plus, CC went clockwise, saving the harder hills for the back end.  But I just felt so much better today.  I still bottomed out at the end of the ride... I can't get my nutrition right when its not hot out, since I get my calories in from drinking.  I think that once I get that ironed out, I should be able to hit the bike harder and not feel the effects so much.

Overall, pretty interesting comparison of how fatigue affects performance.  I think my average HR and perceived exertion says it all.

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