Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Totals

March was a BIG MONTH.  I am ready for a taper.  I hope it comes soon....

Bike: 19h 52m 33s - 266.1 Mi (only 2.25 of those hours were spin class)

Run: 11h 58m 53s - 63.79 Mi
Swim: 13h 45m - 34550 Yd
Pilates: 3h 55m
Yoga: 4h 00m

That's an average of 12 hrs per week.  Wowzers.

Lets check on those goals I posted a month ago, shall we?
Goals for March:

  • 3 long bike rides (~50 miles). Each long ride will be a brick with at least 3 miles of running.  Done!  Did a 46 mile, 42 mile (with major wind), and a 58 mile ride.  Bricks w/3 miles of running for all 3 rides.
  • Speed/interval training for running  Done!  I have had my ass kicked (in a good way) by the track workouts.  Last week's 2x 1 mile repeats were a huge confidence builder.  This week's 6.2 mile pyramid (half of it was sprinting) will hopefully result in more speed.
  • Swim faster. My times are crappy due to my off time and swimming indoors. The only way I can race faster is to train faster. Well, I'm trying on this one.  Its hard to swim fast on the day after a long bike ride.  But I did manage to pull out a 3:00 200 free, after swimming one on 3:10 (which I thought was hard).  Still not where I was at the end of last summer, but I think I'm ok with that.  Or at least I say that now.  We'll see how things change when I race.
Goals for April are a bit tricker.  I've got 2 BIG races this month.  Both are my first times at these distances.  Funny how last year's Quarter Ironman was a big deal and now this year's Olympic (similar, but a bit longer on the swim) is a "training race" to get me ready for my HIM. 
April goals:
  • Do not get injured.  That would be very bad.
  • Keep working on running endurance and speed.
  • Get race-day nutrition ironed out.  I've been very bad lately (read: since November) and not drinking everything on my bike.  Considering I get 100% of my calories from liquid sources, its very important that I either drink everything, or mix my drinks stronger, in anticipation that I'll not drink as much as I should.
  • Have fun racing.  Its starting to get hot, and generally my fun level is a directly inverse of air temps.  Here's hoping I can figure a way around that.
  • Should I put goal times here?  Oh, why not.  April 11 Oly race - 3:30; April 25 HIM race - 7:00 (6:30 stretch goal).
I've got my work cut out for me this month.... 

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