Monday, April 12, 2010

The race that never was

No race report.  Unfortunately, I decided to pick up a stomach bug and spent Saturday night puking every 30 minutes from midnight to 6 AM.  It was pretty much the worst night of my life.  And to complicate things, I was staying at my friend's mother in law's house (with my friend), so I was in a strange place, trying to puke as quietly as possible so I didn't wake my friend up.  Plus, I drove us down there, and there was no way I could even drive to the race site.  So when it was time to get ready, I told my friend the situation (she honestly thought I was playing a joke on her), gave her my truck keys and timing chip, and wished her luck.  I managed to sleep until 8 and then had Will come and rescue me.  That's twice now he's had to drive over an hour because of me.  He gets mega husband points.

Not the best way to start a race season.  I was hoping on getting kinks worked out and to play with some pacing elements.  Now it seems I'll just have to do all that for my HIM.  Fortunately, this race was just a training race, and I've been training a ton and feeling good, so I don't think this will set me back much.  At least once I can get to the point where eating sounds good again.  Right now Jamba Juice is my friend.

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