Friday, May 21, 2010

I knew May would be hard, but not quite like this

I'm smack in the middle of my hardest training month ever.  I logged 16 hours last week.... I've logged 7.5 hrs this week and have 11 hrs this weekend (run 17 miles and ride ~100 miles).  Work is slow-ish.  Really, its just that things are boring and I'm growing weary of my less-than-cooperative client, but I don't really have other projects on the horizon, so I'm stuck on this one.  Normally I'm ok dealing with this project, but when I'm tired and not all that busy, it becomes very hard to stay motivated.

So I was expecting my workouts to be hard.  Work is usually crazy (I actually prefer crazy to boring).  But then there's lots of "life" things that are just piling onto my already tired psyche.  Last Monday, authorities found the body of my friend's twin sister (likely murdered her husband).  She was missing for over a week with forensic evidence leading to foul-play, but for some reason reading the news reports of her injuries really got to me.  I really can't even process what my friend is going through, or her sister's kids.  Its just horrible.  Then Will's dad has a new medical drama that not going to get better anytime soon.  He's likely in congestive heart failure, the result of years of not taking responsibility for his health.  He went into the ER 2 weeks ago with fluid build up in his leg and had emergency angioplasty.  He's out now, but after a visit to a cardiologist, he needs another angioplasty and valve replacement surgery.  Surgery is scheduled for May 27, with 7-10 days in the hospital and 6 weeks of recovery (overlapping with my HIM in Boise).  This is further complicated by distance (we're in TX, he's in ID, Will's sister is in NOLA).  And my FIL doesn't have any of his documents current.  So, we're trying to get his will updated (it lists their mom as executor - they got divorced 15 years ago).  And we need to get a power of attorney (medical and financial) set up.  And DNR documents set up.  Preferably before the surgery.  Next Thursday.  And as Will said yesterday, "Its really hard to talk to your dad about where he wants to be buried."  Wow.

I'm just so blah I ended taking a vacation day today.  Got a 90 minute massage (which was awesome), tried to take a nap, got in some tv and kitty time.  Need to research PoA stuff, but really don't feel like it.  Need to figure out where tomorrow afternoon's bike ride will be, but again, just not feeling it.

I knew surviving May would be hard, but wow, I sure wasn't expecting these curveballs.  Thank goodness there's only 1 more week to the month!  I'm not sure I can handle much more. :/

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