Friday, May 28, 2010

T-Minus 2 weeks to Boise

I think last week's stress was a bad bad thing..... My head started feeling funky (sinus issues) Tuesday afternoon and I'm still feeling a bit out of it.  Not full blown terrible, just a little off.  Could be allergies, fatigue, or that word which I will not type.  So, I scratched my workouts Tues and Wed and my run on Thurs night.  I have 14 miles running on my schedule for tomorrow, so here's hoping I can get that done.  I typically feel fine in the morning and get worse as the day moves on, so its sounding like this is a allergy/fatigue thing.  (even though I've been resting and taking allergy pills and still feel about  the same as I did on Tues...)

I'm getting things wrapped up for Boise.  My second pair of DeSoto tri shorts had an inseam blow-out (my first pair had both inseams unravel after 30 min of cycling - not cool!  They were nice and sent a replacement pair, but I'm having the same issue - after 6 rides.).  I'm done with DeSoto and got 2 pairs of shorts at Tri on the Run to test out.  One Zoot and one Louis Garneau.  The sales girl owns both of the pairs that I got and loves them, so here's hoping....  At least I have a weekend to test them out properly!

My coach changed up my weekend plan (I guess he didn't realize my race was in 2 weeks?  I dunno...).  I was supposed to so a 1 hr run on Saturday and a 2 hr ride / 80 min run Sunday.  This has been changed to a 14 mile run Saturday and a 60 mile ride on Sunday.  I'm actually ok with this, since I haven't run or ridden this distance since LoneStar, 5 weeks ago.  Headed back to Chappell Hill for the ride, which I'm hoping will give me confidence.

I was recently accepted to be part of Team Jamba Juice, as part of  I'm SUPER excited, as this is my first "sponsorship".  I get a logo'd set of shirt/shorts/visor and need to wear them out at 3 local races between now and September.  I love Jamba Juice, so this is a good fit.  I should be getting JJ gift cards with my sponsor package, so if you want some, just holler!  Warning, though, as I may make you meet me out during a training run or something for you to "earn" your card.    They're working a 5k next weekend and asked me to race.  I'll be in my taper, so I'm not sure if I'm able (still waiting to hear back from my coach), but I think a 5k should be fine.

And in other news, my father-in-law ended up having his open heart surgery yesterday.  Planned for a valve replacement and single bypass.  Ended up doing the valve replament and 4 bypasses (eeps).  He came out of surgery and is off the ventilator, so that's good news.


The Green Girl said...

Hey, go, Team Jamba! I decided to see if I could find any other Team Jamba members tonight and I'm having fun reading all the blog entries.

On a more serious note, I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I hope he is recovering quickly.

Erin said...

Hey Green Girl! Nice to see another Jamba teammate around :)