Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May Totals

Bike: 22h 10m 36s - 288.42 Mi (3 hrs spinninng) [doubled my time/miles from April]

Run: 17h 03m 07s - 86.15 Mi  [40 more miles running than April]
Swim: 10h 33m - 25800 Yd [10k more yards than April]
Pilates: 2h 40m
Yoga: 4h 00m

So, yeah, pretty heavy month, even with recovery thrown in there.  Logged more miles in May than I did in March, which was a pretty heavy training month as well.
Checking in on May's goals....

May goals:

Recover from the HIM. I'm climbing the walls, but I've been told by many people to "respect the recovery". So I will do my best. Still, its frustrating. I think I did this... 

Theme word for Team Erin is "Chappell Hill". Lots of riding hills to get ready for Boise.  Got in 2 training rides in Chappell Hill.  This was the best I could manage, with recovery and a race in Corpus Christi.

Get acclimated to the heat. Easier said than done, but well, its getting hot out so I don't have much of a choice here.  I guess I did this?  Meaning, I excercised in the heat and didn't die.

No injuries. And do not let the training schedule kill me. Easier said than done. I guess I did this as well? Meaning, I excercised a lot and didn't die. However, I will say that I felt like crap last week with sinus issues (allergies/over-training/sick), so I took it easy last week.  Still, I didn't die.

Annnnd, goals for June (pretty simple, really):
Have fun at the Boise 70.3
Try not to have to walk up any hills on the bike portion of the race
Enjoy my vacation
Take the rest of June "easy"

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