Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Training in Review

hoping for more of a big December, but the move and bronchitis had other ideas.... however, 2010 was a HUGE year compared to 2009.

Bike: 92h 21m 04s - 931.87 Mi
Run: 59h 23m 10s - 314.55 Mi
Swim: 123h 15m 55s - 305325.1 Yd
Pilates: 31h 15m
Yoga: 16h 05m

Bike: 106h 20m 16s - 1438.6 Mi

Run: 125h 24m 37s - 652.94 Mi
Swim: 101h 05m 38s - 254039.3 Yd
Pilates: 15h 50m
Yoga: 36h 05m

Bike:  the difference here is probably that I did once a week spinning for a good chunk of 2009 and hardly did any in 2010.  Also did longer 50+ rides and one century ride.

Run: HUGE difference - more than double the miles :)

Swim: not surprisingly (and sadly) my swim volume was down.  In 2009, I was still swimming 3-4 times a week.  In 2010, I had to drop down to 2 times a week.  Difference in yards is ~ 16 workouts.

Jan - Houston Half Marathon
Feb - Frost Yer Fanny Du
April - Ironman TX 70.3
June - Ironman Boise 70.3
July - Katy Flatlands Century Ride
August - TriGirl Sprint
September - Houston Oly
October - Firethrorn Sprint (5th place AG)
December - RunGirl Half Marathon

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