Tuesday, May 10, 2011

taper time!

As of last weekend, I am officially tapering!  While this is progress, it doesn't really make any of this seem real.  I'm racing a full Ironman in less than 2 weeks?????   Still not able to wrap my head around that - probably won't until the morning of the race.

So, what does a taper week look like, compared to a heavy week?

My last heavy week (2 weeks ago) - 19 hours total: 2 recovery days, a crazy track workout (2 x 2 mile repeats FAST), 2 short (1 hour) rides, 2 swim workouts, a Saturday long brick (5 hour ride, 1 hour run) and a Sunday long ride (6 hours). 

Taper Week - 6 hours total: 2 recovery days, 2 short bike rides (45 min and 20 min), a medium track workout (4 x 1/2 mile fast),  2 low distance swims (2400 and 1200 yards), Saturday 1.5 hour bike, and a Sunday 1 hour run.  EASY. 

Also on the list for this week:
Try out my new DeSoto cool wings
Order more Hammer Gels (huckleberry is my favorite)
Swim with my Torque speedskin on Wednesday to make sure there aren't any areas that rub
Change out rear wheel tube (current one is from Sept 2010)
Get bike ready for TriBike transport dropoff on Saturday

I would say the main noticable thing with the taper (other than having some free time) is that I've been having crazy, vivid dreams.  Nothing about the race yet, just crazy nonsensical stuff.  Maybe this is because for the first time in months I'm not 100% exhausted when my head hits the pillows?  Its kinda fun but not very restful.

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