Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mid-July Ramblings

Finally starting to feel like I should have a training plan.  After living and breathing by a plan since October, it was kinda nice to just play things by ear.  But now I'm 2.5 months away from a half marathon.  Not to mention I may do 3-4 other tri's before the end of Sept.  I can do a bunch of coasting on my IMTX fitness, but not complete coasting.   A plan keeps me accountable.  If only these silly monsoon season afternoon thunderstorms would stop interfering with my plans.  Grrr.

M - rest day or maybe yoga (assuming I can find a yoga class I like)
Tu - track workout
W - AM masters, PM bike (which hasn't been happening with the rain)
Th - AM run
F - AM masters
Sa - long run
Su - bike ride if I feel like it.  2x a month @ 40 miles is probably fine as long as I actually ride my bike mid-week.

Still undecided about the new gym I joined, specifically for Masters.  My last team was crazy fast.  This one is just not very serious.  And what bothers me the most is the workout schedule.  Mondays are distance, Wed is IM, Fri is sprint.  This is stupid because the people who NEED the distance workouts typically take Monday off to recover from the weekend's running and biking.  When I asked why the schedule was that way, I got an "I dunno, its always been that way" answer.  Not the answer I wanted to hear.  I went to a yoga class on Monday and it was the second worst yoga/pilates class I've attended.  The worst was in 2006, in Windsor, MA (I was there for work) were the instructor was more interested in singing along (out loud) to Prince's greatest hits than actually cueing us.  This class at the new club was like yoga/pilates set to up-beat music and it seemed choreographed to the music.  Which meant that you never held a pose longer than 3 seconds.  That is not yoga.  Also, there was a club employee (I think he taught TRX) who spent the whole class loudly whining about how hard it was.  I don't know if he was trying to be funny - like maybe empathisizing with the less fit people in the room - or what.  But I thought it was disrespectful and annoying.  Half way through the class I actually called him out on his antics and told him to suck it up and be quiet.  Everyone laughed thinking I was joking.  And he didn't shut up.  All the "serious" yoga classes are during the work day - clearly this club, while located in a HUGE office park, is geared to women who do not work.  Awesome.  I did go to a spin class, and that was actually good.  Not sure if this justifies the $101/month fee, though.  Even if I do get freshly washed towels.

I could join the rec center.  I swam with the masters team there, and it was about the same sort of thing.  And they have yoga/spin class where I could buy a punch card.  The net price would be much cheaper.  Just not sure if I'd like it any better. And it doesn't come with freshly washed towels.

Swift-kitty isn't doing awesome.  I spent $2,000 on her in May, between her IBS and high thyroid.  She's not been doing very well (diarreah for 3 weeks) and now her back end is cleared up but she's really lethargic.  We're going away for the weekend and I'm going to kennel her at the vet.  Hopefully they will figure out the issue.  Poor kitty :(

And to end on a high note, we're going camping this weekend.  YAY!  We're headed to Crested Butte, up a 4x4 road past Gothic (an old ghost town) and will do the "pull off the side of a forest service road and camp where we want to".  Apparently the wildflowers are ah-may-zing right now.  I'm excited for 4 days of exploring somewhere new and being outside in the mountains.  I've even purchased gourmet smores supplies with DARK CHOCOLATE.  mmmmm.  They just opened the road this week up to Emerald Lake (due to snow) which is one of our camping options, so we'll see.  Fortuately, there are plenty of options. I'm also hoping it doesn't rain a ton.  We haven't used our tent in 3 years and I'm not sure how waterproof it is.  Also: I hope we don't get eaten by a bear.  I've never had a bear encounter in CO. I more associate bears with MT camping.  But apparently, the bear problems are worse now than when I was a kid, so we need to be careful.  Especially since we're camping in BFE.  I also have to convince Will that 5 miles of hiking every day is FUN.  He's not very excited.  Hopefully he will change his mind once we get there.

I hope to post pics of our adventures next week. :)

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