Friday, July 08, 2011

The Plan is to Not Have A Plan

After 8 months of highly regimented traning, where I lived and died by my schedule, I have nothing really planned for the summer.

who am I kidding?

Ok, I don't have anything that requires 8 months of regimented traning planned.  Good thing too, because Will would kill me.  I want to race, I like to train.  But simply put, I don't want to HAVE to do any of this.  The rule: keep it fun; don't think too hard about it.

I've got a rough training schedule blocked up, but if a workout doesn't happen, its no big deal.  If I decide that I want to swim at Chatfield Reservoir on Wednedays after work with a friend (and maybe get in a little bike riding too), its ok to skip masters swim practice that morning.  Don't feel like working out at all - no problem!

I did get picked up by Team Sony Walkman.  As part of my sponsorship agreement, I have to do either the full or half Denver Rock and Roll marathon.  I registered for the full (at the time it was only $89 - cheaper than the half), and I knew I could downgrade.  I've also committed to doing 4 events.  Originally it was supposed to be between July and October, with the marathon in October = very doable.  However, we won't get our kits until August.  Doing 4 tri's in Aug/Sept AND train for an October marathon = disaster.  So, I'm downgrading to the half.

But before I knew about the "no team kits until August" thing, I went and signed up for the
Boulder Peak Olympic
triathlon.  I put all the local races on a calendar, with their venues, distances, etc.  I want to do a few Oly's and a few sprints.  There seem to be 4 major race venues here - Aurora Reservoir, Union Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservior, and Boulder Reservoir (plus a few random pool ones).  I wanted to do one race per venue this year, so I can get a feel for where I like to race.  There's a few other Oly's this summer (one has you finish at Mile High Staduim), but those are a bit newer and (to me) unproven.  Plus $150 is a LOT to spend for an olympic-distance race.  So, I figured it early, but what the hell.  Boulder Peak it is - besides, there's a ton of pros racing AND its beautiful.  What I really didn't think through was the fact that you have to ride your bike up Olde Stage - a 2/3 of a mile long, 15% climb.  Ouch.  I'm hoping it won't kill me.  (and how does this go int othe "keep it fun rule?" - if you figure it out, please let me know).  So yeah, I'm racing Boulder on Sunday.  Without much thought or a plan.  Sweet!

And past that, I have no plan.  No other races (besides an Oct 9th half marathon) planned.  Just playing it by ear and doing what sounds fun. 

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