Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clearing hurdles

Last week was a rough week.  Will's dad's (Carl) heath has been pretty bad for the past 3-4 years and has rapidly been declining over the past two months.  To the point where he needed to be placed into Hospice Care.  Complicating this need is the fact that Will's dad is flat broke.  No money for retirement at all.  No money saved up at all.  None. 

(related PSA - PLEASE do retirement planning for yourself and get long-term health care.  And make sure your loved ones do the same)

So last week, we drove 11 hours up to Idaho to get stuff done.  It sucked and I'm more than a little angry at Carl.  His place was disgusting (cat pee and a complete absense of house cleaning.  I actually painted over human poo on the wall in the bathroom.  not awesome).  But Carl is now in a nice assisted living facility and his home is cleaned out and on the market.  Hopefully it will sell soon, or else things get really complicated.

Not the best way to kill a week's vacation, but honestly, there was no other way.  My efforts last week weren't for Carl - they were for Will.  Poor guy is really taking this hard, so I did what I could to stay organized and make sure we got everything done that needed doing.  I feel good knowing that when we left on Sunday, it was mission accomplished.  Carl is getting good care now and his house is listed to sell.  There were a lot of hurdles to clear last week to get to that point, but somehow we got it done.

Now all we can do is sit and wait.  For the house to sell and (unfortunately) for Carl to die.  Yep, 2012 is well on its way to not being a great year.  I wish I could fast forward and get to 2013.

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