Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April 2012 Totals

Hey, look what a month of solid training delivers!

April 2012
Bike: 19h 38m - 266.32 Mi (UP by almost 100 miles)
Run: 14h 18m 17s - 78.11 Mi  (UP by 45 miles and included a half marathon and a 10 mile race)
Swim: 9h 45m - 27,826.95 Yd  (UP by 15,000+ yards - 5 workouts)
Skiing: 3h 00m

I am completely happy with how my training in April went.  Bike strength is improving and my run speed and endurance is somehow magically coming back.  I really had no idea what to expect with this compressed training schedule for Boise.  I really thought I was going to just do the 70.3 and have a good time.  Now that I'm 5 weeks away, I'm thinking that I can actually BEAT my 70.3 PR, which was on a flat course at sea level in the middle of my IMTX training.  Lets just see how long I can hold on to improving and feeling good before June 9.

Goals for May
  • bike bike bike - I want to do at least two 60 mile rides, race simulation.  Big back to back bike weekends are on the list too, even though everyone in my club thinks I'm insane.  (what? you don't do a long run every weekend? what does the back-to-back bike do for you?)  Based on last year and my performance running so far, I think my time is best invested on the bike.
  • keep working on run speed.  Track workouts are KEY here.  So are tempo brick workouts.  And I need to figure out my interval plan for the Colfax Half Marathon on May 20.
  • keep tweaking nutrition.  I'm almost there, but I keep having a few random issues.
  • try to get in at least one OWS to prepare for Lucky Peak's 55 degree temperatures.
  • keep from getting injured.  Be diligent with stretching and compression gear.

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