Thursday, May 31, 2012

its going to be a long 24 hrs

On May 13th during a brick run, I jammed my ankle at the start of the run.  It felt fine for the remainder of the 8 mile run.  I ran on it two more times that week and it felt fine.  I ran the Colfax Half Marathon and at mile 8, it started hurting.  I told the pain to go away and it did.  It started hurting more about a 1/2 mile from the finish line and I HTFU and finished.  And then it kept hurting.

My google diagnosis was perneal tendonitis.  I've iced it, taped it, taken 2x Aleve for ~5 days straight.  And it still hurts.

Yesterday I finally pulled the plug and made an appt with a doctor.  The visit was today.  He did some poking and proding.  He did this weird thing where he basically used a turning fork and put it against my sore area to see if that made it hurt worse.  It didn't.  He did say it was swollen.  And he also said he was worried it was a calcaneal stress fracture.  I needed an MRI immediately so we could rule out the fracture.  If its fractured, that means no Boise.  If its not broken, then I'm supposed to wear "well padded shoes" and see what happens.  Mkay.

I was supposed to immediately get an MRI at the imaging place downstairs from the doctor.  I waited there over an hour, after which they told me that I couldn't actually get scanned until 4 PM.  Lame.  I ended up getting an MRI close to the house, which was actually good luck.  It turns out that one of my friends used to work there (and got 2 MRIs for a stress fx there) so she knows the staff and some shortcuts.  Normally, you'd have to make a follow-up appt with the doctor to discuss your MRI.  My friend managed to arrange it so I can get the radiologist's report directly from the source.  So I have to wait until 2PM tomorrow to see what my fate holds.

I'm not sure what's better.  A broken foot and knowing I can't run on it.  (again....)  Or a not-broken foot and trying to run on it when it hurts.

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