Friday, June 01, 2012

so, what now?

So yeah.  The doctor's nurse (or aide or whatever) called me at 4 yesterday saying they got the radiology report and my heel does indeed have a stress fracture. Or technically, a calcaneal stress fracture.


Not too sure what else is going on with it.  The nurse had no idea.  Told me to limit all activity (WTF?  also: no).  I asked about swimming, she said she'll have to ask the doctor.  I asked how long I was down, she said she'll have to ask the doctor.  I asked if I needed to wear a boot, said she'll have to ask the doctor.

I appreciate the call to tell me that its broken, but shouldn't you have, you know, actual information on care? 

Needless to say, I'm switching doctors. I have an appointment with a doctor at CU Sports Medicine who researches women and stress fractures - the appointment is when we get back from Idaho.

And I busted out my boot from 2007.  When we moved from Houston, I nearly got rid of it.  I'm glad I didn't.  And apparently, they're ambidextrous instead of being "right" or "left".  Sweet.

Should I hear back from yesterday's doctor about swimming and biking, chances are for Boise 70.3 I will be doing it as an AquaBike.  I will swim and I will crush that bike course.  And then I will be a sad panda and hand my chip in.  As tempted as I am to finish the race, if my stress fracture turns into a real fracture, I'm in real trouble.  So I will be good (ish) and not run.

And what of the rest of the summer?

Well, I'm estimating I'm in this stupid thing ~6 weeks.  I have a sprint tri on July 7th.  Yep, that will be an AquaBike.  And an Oly tri at the end of July.  We'll see.  Oh, and a marathon in September you say?  With only two months on a freshly healed heel?  Nope, its out too.  Downgrading to a half marathon.  LAME.  And camping with a boot?  I will probably have to rid some sort of plastic bag over it so it won't get totally dirty.  And no hiking. :(  Very sad panda.

And now the question to ponder for the next month..... 2013 "A" race: Do I register for Boise 70.3 and kick its ass properly?  Or do I register for IMCDA and go for a bigger comeback.  

Questions to ponder, indeed....

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