Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Broken Heel Saga Part 2

I made it into the specialist this morning.  It went ok.

She HATED my running plan.  Said that by only doing long runs every 2-3 weeks I put too much stress on my heel (even though I was keeping my weekly runs consistent).  I know she's the expert and all.... but this is exactly what I did to train for IMTX and I was fine.  She said I was just lucky last year.  pffft.  If only last year could be considered lucky.

They questioned my diet.  Do I get enough calories?  (1800/day isn't enough apparently?)  Calcium?  Vitamin D?  They want me to see a dietcian.  I probably won't because I honestly feel that I have better than average knowlege of what I eat and why I eat it than most people.

So, the details:

Walking boot is ok, but its probably not the best solution as it kinda concentrates the impact of each step onto my heel.  But it was better than nothing.

I am getting a fancy (read: ugly) custom boot made that takes the pressure off of my heel.  I need to wear this new boot for 3-4 weeks.  It was either the boot or crutches for 4 weeks.

No running for 2 months.  Obviously no running while I need the boot, and additionally no running for a month after de-booting.  Two stinking months.  At best, that puts me at mid-August.  So much for my race schedule in July.

But in the good news column, I can swim and bike as much as I like!  So there's that!  I'm still fairly crabby panda over this whole thing.  I'm trying to distract myself by shopping for a road bike and looking into century rides.  It still isn't what I had in mind for this summer, but its better than nothing.


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