Monday, January 07, 2013

2012 Distance Wrap Up

Just putting this up as documentation.  It is kinda fun to look back at my totals from year to year.


Bike: 156h 20m 12s - 2124 Mi
Run: 89h 49m 24s - 497.56 Mi
Swim: 77h 59m 24s - 209457.5 Yd
Strength: 4h 30m
Core Training: 1h 50m
Elliptical Training: 48m 08s
Hiking: 13h 30m
Skiing: 4h 00m
Snow Shoveling: 20m
Snowboarding: 5h 00m
Spinning Class: 3h 00m
Yoga: 2h 00m


Bike: 117h 34m 39s - 1624.36 Mi
Run: 57h 04m 47s - 289.09 Mi
Swim: 82h 53m - 231174.3 Yd
Strength: 3h 20m
Aqua Jogging: 20m
Elliptical Training: 40m
Skiing: 60h 00m
Walking: 2h 15m
Yoga: 6h 00m

Huh.  I was only 400 miles short of my 2011 bike total... Interesting.  And I would have never guessed, but I swam more this year.  Even with barely swimming for 3 months this summer with a broken foot.  I guess that tells me that I have *finally* found a swim team that I like and do consistent practices with.
Running is understandably much lower - nearly half of 2011.  Thank you broken heel for that one.   But hey, look at all the skiing time :)

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