Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I've been running in lately

I is (was?) a diehard Newtons fan.  Love(ed?) those things.  I've also run in Brooks before (Adrenalines in 2011) but got shin splints (not sure if it was shoe related) and went back to my Newts.  Back in December, I was at a club event at my local running store and gravitated to the hot pink shoes.  I tried on some Altras (zero drop, very minimal) but ultimately ended up with the Brooks PureFlow2s.  They have a 4mm heel drop, are crazy light, and are SUPER cushy. 
Did I mention these were bright pink?
I got these with the intent of wearing these occasionally, something just for fun runs.  What suprises me is that these are the shoes I grab every single time I head out to run.  They're really comfy and my feet and legs seem to like them.  As a bonus, they're $100 and I can usually get them at a 20% discount from my local running store. 

Jury is out on durability or how they respond on long runs.  My feet started to hurt around mile 8 of my 10 mile race last Saturday, but that could be attributed to not running that far.  Every other run in these has been great.


Lisa said...

I've been wondering how all the Brooks are since I've started seeing them on people more. Their shoes used to fit me well when I wore traditional running shoes. I experimented a while back with a bunch and never found any I liked more than Newtons. Maybe time for another experiment?

Erin said...

You know, I am really suprised by how much I like the PureFlow 2's. They're pretty cheap with a good club discount and would be worth an experiment.