Friday, March 01, 2013

February 2013 - Training Totals

Holy crap, it's March already?  Wow.  February just flew right on by.

Weirdly, this month wasn't as big as I thought it would be.  Granted, I was in Phoenix for a week, trapped in day-long meetings and after work dinners, which meant I could only work out in the morning before work.  And I did ski two weekends.  Funny how that made my monthly totals look low.  The weeks where I was in town and not skiing were pretty solid, though.  I'm doing 11-13 hrs or workouts a week right now.  And things feel pretty good.

February's totals:
Bike:16h 11m - 195.43 Mi (so more like 231.9 miles if you include spin class)                
Run:10h 44m 59s - 53.28 Mi
Swim:9h 05m - 25419.07 Yd
Skiing:13h 00m
Snow Shoveling:1h 35m
Spinning Class:2h 55m

January's totals:
Bike: 9h 44m - 127.58 Mi (should be more like 149.5 miles if you include my spin class)
Run: 15h 06m 59s - 71.75 Mi
Swim: 14h 15m - 40737.1 Yd
Strength: 1h 00m
Skiing: 6h 00m
Spinning Class: 1h 45m

So, I nearly doubled my time on the bike, although I've been doing a bunch of slow-ish aerobic long rides so my pace was a bit slower this month.  Running is down by 4 hrs, but that's essentially the 2 weekends I was skiing.  THREE days of glorious skiing.  It was worth it.  And shoveling on Sunday.  Three rounds, combined with a 2.5 hr ride and a 30 min run did not make me a happy camper.  I was happy to have the next day off, as a recovery day.  Swim was way down.  I swam less this month, but I'm not really sure why.  January was a bit of freakishly high swim volume though.  I think Feb is a bit more representative.

So far, so good.  I'm excited to see what March brings.

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