Monday, April 01, 2013

March 2013 - Training Totals

I was sick for pretty much the whole month of March.  That put a dent in my training potential, as I had about 5 days where I pretty much slept most of the time and I had ~3 weeks where I just felt weak.  We had to keep my workouts light because I literally couldn't do anything more than that.  This past week was an easy build, since I went off of antibiotics on Thursday and we didn't want to relapse.  With less than 5 weeks to St George, I really don't have time to mess around.

That being said, I had respectable distances.  Given being sick and I had a day on the slopes, I feel pretty good.  Bike and swim both increased.  Run stayed about the same, but that's mainly because I was too sick to run very much. 

This next month will bring hills, hills, and even more hills.  Hills on the bike and hills while running.  Oof.  CDA is 12 weeks away.  I can do this.

March's totals:
29h 13m 20s - 361.32 Mi
9h 37m 53s - 47.55 Mi
13h 05m - 37510.94 Yd
5h 00m

February's totals:
16h 11m - 195.43 Mi (so more like 231.9 miles if you include spin class)
10h 44m 59s - 53.28 Mi
9h 05m - 25419.07 Yd
13h 00m
Snow Shoveling:
1h 35m
Spinning Class:
2h 55m

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