Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oilman Race Week!

Hurray - its here!

Full disclosure: I'm not sure if its the race I'm excited about or the fact that once this sucker is done, I'm officially in the off season.  Woot!  Off season!  Skiing!  Sleeping in!  No feeling of "if I don't get this workout done I will DNF"!

So, yeah.  I'm going to do my best to kill this race.

My targets:
Swim: 36 min
Bike: 3: 24 (or 16.5 mph)
Run: 2:22 (or 10:50 min/mile)

For the record, my best long-distance triathlon run pace is 12:00 during IMCDA.  Yeah, that run is going to hurt.  But I have to believe I can do it.  I've been running fast lately, holding 3 min repeat intervals at well below a 9 min/mile pace.  Also: flat course and sea level.

I've been given the green light by my coach to take risks and if I feel good, to push.  I have nothing serious planned this winter, I have nothing I need to recovery quickly for, so I can burn up my entire book of matches on Sunday.  I signed up for this race as a challenge to see how fast I can go, so I owe it to myself to push beyond my comfort zone and really see what I can do.

Cross your fingers and make sacrifices to the travel gods that my flight goes as scheduled and Merlin does ok in transit.  I fly in Saturday morning.  We head straight to race check-in.  And the race is Sunday.  I will be in Texas less than 24 hrs by the time I'm racing.  Way to maximize the extra red blood cells :)

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