Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September 2013 Training Totals

I was sorta expecting to see higher numbers, but I think taking a full weekend for Ragnar shenanigans made it hard to get higher numbers...


Swim: 9h 20m - 25535.04 Yd
Bike: 15h 18m - 212.96 Mi
13h 20m 18s - 71.31 M


Swim: 11h 21m 10s - 32097.99 Yd
Bike: 11h 31m 46s - 169.95 Mi
Run: 15h 39m 21s - 86.23 Mi

Bike would have been a smidge higher if I was able to ride outside for all of my rides.  My weekday rides have been on the trainer for two reasons.  #1: they're either aerobic rides or interval rides.  The trainer makes it easier to hit my targets correctly.  #2: I can't start to ride until 6 or 6:15 and it gets dark around 7:15, making it pretty hard to ride outside for 1.5 hrs.  One of my long weekend rides was also on the trainer because it rained all day long.  So I would have probably been closer to 230 miles for the month.  Not bad, considering one of those weekends got eaten up by Ragnar.

October is my big (relatively speaking) build month as I get ready for Oilman.  Curious to see where those numbers come in.

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