Monday, November 25, 2013

A random list of what I've been up to

Still enjoying the off-season but we're building a bit more structure in terms of workouts and things....

1) we saw Book of Mormon on Saturday.  When I pitched the idea of going to Will, he got whiny, but hello, South Park - and he grew up in Southern Idaho and would pretty much get every inside joke in the show.  I think he enjoyed it more than I did.  There were several times where he commented "I was wondering when they'd get to that".

2) people who need to play with their phones during a live performance should be dragged away and tortured.  The woman next to me kept busting out her phone and doing stuff on it.  Because it can't wait an hour?!?!  Really?

3) we have been having a good time drinking beer.  Like that's a surprise.  After BoM we had dinner at a place that was highly regarded as a beer gastropub.  The food was excellent, the beer list was meh.  It always shocks me when "beer places" don't have mostly local beer on tap.  After food, we went to Epic and it was great.  Its a huge warehouse with arched wooden ceilings and exposed steel beams.  Light fixtures look like the bottom of cone-tanks.  The bar was really nice (we could have done without the 3 huge tvs) and there was a fireplace with couches.  The best part: the place was saturated with the scent of wort and hops.  It was delicious. I really like how it was designed - lots of beer touches and they found a way to make this huge space warm and cozy. The only unfortunate thing was the initial place we sat (a table right by the door) had the unfortunate bonus of being able to see men standing at the urinal when the men's room door opened.  Not exactly my thing.  The Brainless series was good. The stouts and porters were disappointing - no depth.

4) skiing!  I went a few Saturday's ago.  Copper had 5 inches of powder and they had a CO-themed demo day.  We rode other people's gear all day and had a good time.  The strange part was that the place was empty - I rode American Eagle by myself a few times after lunch.  On a Saturday.

5) I've been cooking more, which is fun.  We were invited to a brunch a few weeks back and I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls with bourbon cream cheese icing.  They were so terrible, I'm making them again for this weekend. I'm also doing crock-pot meals more often - I've done something the past 3 weeks.  I like doing a large roast of some sort (pork or beef) but I've had some bad experiences with things coming out too dry.  Well, I think I *finally* figured the trick out.  The key is to make sure the meat is completely covered with some sort of liquid.  For some reason, I had always thought you wanted to use a very small amount of liquid, but the past 2 times I've submerged the thing, its turned out awesome.  And that's pretty much how I will be cooking roasts in the crock pot from now on.

6) the brewery we invested in finally has their state and federal brewing licence.  Awesome.  I'm pretty sure we'll be hanging out there a ton in December.

7) I finished up Orange is the New Black on Netflix and randomly picked Hemlock Grove as my new pain-cave viewing experience.  I had no idea it was about a werewolf (and other things).  Funny how I just gravitate to those shows for no good reason.

8) I'm still recovering from Oilman, or really, from my 2013 season.  I trained pretty regularly from March - November, which makes for a pretty long season.  My runs and rides have gone pretty well.  My swims are pretty weak.  I try to go fast but I just can't find that fast gear.  I know its there somewhere, I just need to be patient.

9) my big goal for the off season is to try and attend one yoga session per week.  I went to a hot yoga class last Wednesday and it was ok.  I was surprised to see that I could do the strength moves pretty well (even ones I usually have problems with) and it was no surprise that my hamstrings are ridiculously tight.  This instructor didn't hold the poses as long as I prefer, so tonight I'm going to a (non-heated) slow yoga class to see if I like it better.

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