Thursday, November 07, 2013

October 2013 Training Totals

Probably the last post of this type for a while.  November is officially the start of the off season for me.  Hurray!


Swim: 13h 03m - 36,581.37 Yd
Bike: 19h 48m  20s - 275.66 Mi
Run: 11h 29m 18s - 63.15 M


Swim: 9h 20m - 25,535.04 Yd
Bike: 15h 18m - 212.96 Mi
Run: 13h 20m 18s - 71.31 M

I'm doing the Winter Distance Series again this year, so I expect my run mileage will be consistent to what it has been this fall.  Swim and bike... who knows?  Hopefully its just swim twice a week and ride once or twice.  And I'd like to do hot yoga weekly this winter.  And ski lots.  And sleep in.  

Did I mention it was off season?

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