Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 stats wrap up

2013, by all accounts was a HUGE year.  I PR'd in pretty much every race I did and had my largest training numbers ever.  More importantly, I had FUN doing it.

(now, if only my job would follow suit and be more fun... ugh)

In 2013, I learned to love hills.  Ok, maybe love is a strong word here....  Maybe I love what hills do for me and how they make me stronger.  I got an incredible custom TT bike and I still can't believe I spent that much on a BIKE, I do love him.  And I think I've figured out what it means to push myself and see what I'm capable of.  I've got a great base to build on and I'm looking forward to even more training and racing in 2014.


Swim: 144h 33m 49s - 411,035.22 Yd 
Bike: 237h 30m 38s - 3,232.67 Mi 
Run: 138h 07m 54s - 717.35 Mi
Strength: 2h  
Skiing: 39h 00m 
Yoga: 7h 00m


Swim: 82h 53m - 231,174.3 Yd 
Bike: 117h 34m 39s - 1,624.36 Mi 
Run: 57h 04m 47s - 289.09 Mi 
Strength: 3h 20m 
Aqua Jogging: 20m 
Elliptical Training: 40m 
Skiing: 60h 00m 
Walking: 2h 15m 
Yoga: 6h 00m

Also, its interesting to note that these are annual distance records for me, since I started keeping track of this sort of stuff.  What's most impressive is my swim distance.  I really didn't think I swam this much in 2013...

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