Monday, March 03, 2014

February 2014 Training Totals

January was full of training.  February was full of skiing, trips, and then being sick.  

But the skiing was incredible.  Knee deep powder and face-wide smiles.  I also had a really awesome run in NOLA and a pretty good 10 mile race.  Since I was coming down with a cold, I didn't "race-race" it.  Instead, I ran with 2 of my friends from high school and chatted away 8 miles.  Then I upped the pace a bit for the last 2.  I ended up being only 42 sec slower overall (4 sec/mile) and I felt GREAT afterwards.  Unlike the last 10 mile race where I was dying for the last 3 miles and had an epic asthma attack at the finish.  Progress!

February 2014

Swim: 6h 35m - 17607.18 Yd
Bike: 12h 12m - 154 Mi
Run: 9h 11m 59s - 51.13 Mi
Skiing: 12h
Yoga: 1h

January 2014
Swim: 9h 15m - 26137.36 Yd
Bike: 10h 03m 11s - 131.59 Mi
Run: 14h 20m 35s - 75.87 Mi
Skiing: 7h
Yoga: 1h

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