Monday, March 10, 2014

My new favorite commuter mug

Will and I have been a bit cheap this year (or smart, depending on how you look at it) and are taking breakfast with us on our ski trips instead of stopping somewhere along the way.  This usually consists of either a protein bar or if I really am organized, a breakfast sandwich.  And coffee.  Definitely coffee.

Our commuter mugs are all at least 5 years old.  Will has poached been using the best in our collection leaving me with the remaining mugs, which all leak to varying degrees.  Leaky mugs are annoying.  I was getting frustrated and was even thinking of getting a new mug this year.  I mean, its no fun showing up anywhere with coffee dribbles on you!

Lo and behold, Gone for a Run offered up a commuter mug as part of my Ambassadorship!  Bingo!  I selected the 140.6 theme, so I can be a triathlon snob, even when I'm heading to the slopes.  (I'm not quite a tri-snob on the slopes but do keep meaning to get an M-Dot sticker for my helmet.)

I used my new mug last Friday on our way up to the slopes.  We left at 6:30 and coffee was *definitely* required.

somewhere along I-70....

  • I really like the size.  We have a Subaru which has *terrible* cupholders - they're tiny.  This mug fits no problem!
  • I like my coffee to stay HOT.  The mug seems to be well insulated.  The outside stayed nice and cool, which tells me that the heat is staying with my coffee, where it belongs!
  • The lid has a flip cap which seals really well.  So well that I had sealed it up on the mountain when I was done and it was pressurized when we returned to town.  I haven't actually done a proper seal test (ie hold it upside down) but I think it would do well.
  • The lid is a rubberized threaded gasket. NO LEAKS!  Yay!  I can drink coffee without fear of getting dribbles on me.  Hurray!
a little nicer photo.  Source: Gone for a Run
  • 15.2 ounces capacity
  • stainless steel
  • available in black, red, or blue
I think this mug would work really well in the summer with some frozen recovery drink as well.
I also thought about getting this design.  I like the trees.
Source: Gone for a Run
Price: $17.99
There are 30 designs, so odds are pretty good that you'll find a commuter mug that you'll love!

*disclaimer* Gone for a Run provided this commuter mug for me to use and review.  All opinions remain my own.

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