Monday, June 02, 2014

May 2014 Training Totals

So another month and another "hmm, I thought I would have done more" feeling.  However, I did have a race (which involved a taper and some recovery) and I had 2 long rides in my basement due to weather (snow and hail).  So really, I had some pretty solid training.  I'm sure June and July are going to be killer, though.

May 2014
Swim: 13h 35m 58s - 37092.18 Yd
Bike: 22h 10m 13s - 297.42 M
Run: 14h 11m 42s - 76.69 M
Yoga: 30 min

April 2014
Swim: 12h 30m - 31878.83 Yd
Bike: 26h 55m 25s - 370.03 Mi
Run: 13h 33m 19s - 68.77 Mi
Strength: 30 min
Hiking: 1 h 15 m

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