Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 review in pictures (and a few words)

Still not working but I've been busy running.  LOTS of running.  But more on that in another post.

Here's a run though of 2014.  This was actually a bunch of fun.  I had a lot of good adventures (and beer).  Here's to even more adventures in 2015!

New Years Day run at Roxborough State Park, skiing, kicking off my Colfax Marathon ambassadorship, and a work trip to Helena, MT (where I lived and worked as a Park Ranger in 1996)
I love this run and this group of people
Ski shadow selfie at Winter Park
Lots (and I mean lots) of stuff to give away
interval run at the state park that I used to work at in Helena, MT
Traditional Superbowl Ski weekend to Steamboat with family, Year 3 of Team SunRype, and a trip to New Orleans to see my new nephew.  Oh, and our brewery finally opened!
family shenanigans
this was probably a top 10 ski day.  Powder to my knees all day!
you know who to contact if you need fruit snacks...
I somehow managed to find triathletes AND a trail run in New Orleans.  So much fun!
MORE skiing, a visit from cousins, the BEST beer fest I went to in 2014 and starting to ride outside more.
Greetings from Copper Mountain from the Trail-Dryden cousins
fresh corduroy.  purr
a visit from Cousin Jeff and beer drinking at our brewery
Collaboration beer fest with friends
post-Sept 2013 flood carnage of Jamestown Canyon in Boulder
No more skiing (*sniff*), first ride up Deer Creek in 2014, and a (sucky) trip to Santa Fe for a cycling weekend.
first trip up the big hill.  With exposed legs and arms, no less
ski hill climb in Santa Fe.  Sucky trip but pretty views.
May was busy!  A half marathon PR, a beer festival, Rinny and TO, hosting a bridal shower for my friend that married my cousin, more beer, and the first OWS of the year.
South Denver Beer Fest.  Also: shorts in early May
Tirimisu cupcakes for Deanna's bridal shower
I'm sure they were stoked to meet me ;)
Will and I goofing off with our finisher medals.  13.1 for me and marathon relay for him.
more beer at our brewery
first swim at the Gravel Pond
June was *really* busy.  IM training kicks into high gear.  And a trip to Idaho for the Boise 70.3 and a family wedding.
Boise 70.3 test ride out by the family ranch
blowing Will a kiss on the run course
The race didn't go super great, but I did manage to get in a kick ass finish jump
cousin shenanigans out in the desert.  Will is a happy boy
rode from my MIL's house to the South Hills.  She thought I was crazy.
ride in McCall, ID.  I got snowed on at the top of the pass.
Happy wedding, Chase and Deanna. :)
aka IM hell month.  Nothing fun happened here.  Just a lot of running and riding in the heat. My first trail race (and trail-racing related bleeding). A memorial service for my best friend's husband in Winter Park gave me the opportunity for some altitude IM training. Oh, and I discovered pie milkshakes.  Ok, maybe I had a bit of fun, looking back at things.
long hot run up Waterton.  I had a friend keep me company and I *finally* got to see the big horn sheep
a 16 hour training weekend needs to end with pie milkshakes.
Still not sure what Will did to earn his though
more Waterton.  If you have to run long, the view should be nice
first trail race and first trail flesh wound.  2 weeks before Boulder.  eeps!
I ran from Fraser to the base of Winter Park.  Fun!
roasting marshmallows
it felt weird to be at MJ without my skis
Ironman Boulder.  Beer.  A beer fest (this one kinda sucked) - and  kombucha SCOBY.  More beer. A viral plague, thanks to the Boulder Res. Domesticity in the form of pickles and painting and tiling.
mile ~100 at the top of the 3Bs
as sucky as the race was, nothing beats a finish line in your home state

former future

tri club ladies night
former future release of our first spontaneous beer, which ended up winning bronze at GABF

Zipper is a good Quality Control Cat


loads of free time, due to no job and no IM training. Trail runs and hiking.  Our one and only camping trip, which include a hike where I grossly underestimated the distance.  Our brewery's first bottle release. And more home improvement.

Will fly fishing
Buffalo Peaks Wilderness hike. I thought it was 7 or 8 miles.  We hiked 13.5.  oops.
Weston Pass, CO
trail run at Castlewood Canyon
fire lookout at Devils' Head
trail run at Indian Creek
helping to label beers for our first bottle release
first trail half marathon (it was hard!)
more hiking somewhere around Evergreen
Zipper approves of the paint and the fireplace tile
Another cousin wedding in Idaho, cousin shenanigans out at the ranch, a GABF victory for our brewery, wedding anniversary #15, and more hiking.
Bronze in the wild ale category, 8 months after we opened.  This was HUGE
Rocking Y Ranch.  One of my happy places on this planet.
no visit to the ranch is complete without redneck shenanigans.  Cousin Jason built a sugar beet canon.  1000 feet!
most of the Walker clan.  I love these guys.
Anniversary fishing trip where I FINALLY caught a fish.  One fish.
For the entire afternoon.  With a guide on a boat.
Colorado history while out hiking
Still hiking, doing more long runs, Kona viewing party, and skiing!  And Will's birthday, where we drank a LOT of beer.
2.4 gallons of Belgian beer
snowy Castlewood Canyon
first treadmill run of the season
run on Highline before it snows
Kona viewing party with Ben Hoffman!
who needs Black Friday when there's White Friday skiing

running in shorts the day after skiing.  I love Colorado
kitties have the right idea

Running and more running.  A wedding in Texas. And I made the Coeur team!
Elephant Rock from the Santa Fe trail
sheep again at Waterton
wedding, Texas style
Wishing tree on Highline
long, snowy run at Cherry Creek State Park
longest training run ever at Waterton, followed by Voodoo Doughnuts 
I think Tinkerbell followed me on my run that day
Coeur Sports 2015!


erin said...

So fun! What a fantastic year! And, you have your OWN brewery?! Rad. Can't wait to brew my own booch! Happy 2015, Erin!

Erin said...

Yeah. Technically we're minority investors, but we like to think of it as "ours" (as opposed to other breweries that we have zero vested interest in).