Sunday, January 04, 2015

2014 stats wrap-up

I like to add up my distance and time at the end of the year.  2013 year was a huge jump for me in everything s/b/r.  This year (2014), since I'm with the same coach and I had another IM race, was pretty similar although slightly smaller in the swim and bike category.  I attribute the lower swim to not going to masters after losing my job.  I'm still swimming, but more like 2500-2700 m versus 3000 to 3200 m.  Why get up at 5 AM for swim practice when you don't have to?  And less cycling because I didn't do a fall 70.3 like I did in 2013.  And there was the month I was forced to take off following IM Boulder, thanks to a nasty viral infection.

What I'm really impressed with is my running.  I ran a LOT (for me).

Don't expect to see these numbers in 2015.  I'm doing one 70.3 (Boulder, weirdly for the first time) and a bunch of sprints and an xterra.  Focus for 2015 is on speed, not distance.


Swim: 116h 324m 57s - 325,133.53 Yd 
Bike: 218h 58m 25s - 3,087.68 Mi 
Run: 182h 41m 35s - 871.79 Mi (this also includes weekly hikes for Sept and Oct)
Strength: 11h 50 m 
Skiing: 40h 00m 
Yoga: 2h 30m


Swim: 144h 33m 49s - 411,035.22 Yd 
Bike: 237h 30m 38s - 3,232.67 Mi 
Run: 138h 07m 54s - 717.35 Mi
Strength: 2h  
Skiing: 39h 00m 
Yoga: 7h 00m


Anonymous said...

Very nice on the run this year!!!!

erin said...

Solid year indeed! Great work, Erin!