Sunday, July 31, 2005

Spread 'em!

So, Will's little Subaru group organized this photo scavenger hunt. Each team pitched in $20. Top 4 finishers won $ back. There was a list of ~60 items that we had to bring back or photograph, each with varying points associated with. We had from 8 PM to midnight to complete this.

I think we were pretty efficient and had a good plan. Well, I had a good plan. Will played along. And I drove around the downtown areas. Much easier than him missing turns and us fighting. Lol.

Most of this involved humiliating Will. Which is always amusing for me.

Some highlights:
*Pic of Will in a fountain downtown (except then he had wet *Teva feet" and couldn't run very fast)
*Pic of Will on balcony (this bar I go to - I made Will run up there)
*Pic of Will on the light rail train (he jumped on, I snapped the pic, he jumped off)
*Pic of Subaru (Will's car) in front of Minute Maid park, Toyota Center (Rockets b'ball), and Reliant Stadium
*Pic of Will in a sombrero at a specific restaurant
*Pic of Will with a fish tank and bringing back chopsticks (ran into a sushi place, snapped a pic - which confused the staff and ppl eating there, grabbed some 'sticks and headed out the door)
*Pic inside this room at this one bar I used to frequent. Except there was an "engagement party" who had reserved the room. We barged in anyways, got our pic, and wished the couple congratulations on our way out.
*Job application (not from a restaurant). I tried 4 gas stations and NONE of them had paper applications, but REALLY wanted to know when I'd be back so they would have it for me. Ended up at CVS.
*Pic in front of a $80,000 car. Stopped at a mercedes dealership - they had some $97,000 porche out front. Bonus points for being in the car and driving it, but it was too late. And the car was locked (I tried the handle...)
* business cards from a tatto place and a bail bonds man
* 1959-1970 penny (we dug thru my wallet while we were stuck in traffic)
*hotel soap or shampoo. I had to get buzzed in by the front desk guy to get in the hotel. Then I asked for soap. He handed it to me, I walked out. Hee.
*happy meal toy
*candy from a restaurant with the restaraunt's name on it. This was a bit tricky, as we had to think of where to go. We called Melting Pot at 11:05 - a guy did pick up, but they were closed. He confirmed that they had the candies that we needed and left them on a window ledge by the front door. Nice!
* Pic of Suby on dirt road. We parked on the construction road in front of my office.

And my FAVORITE. Which is awesome. 100 points for partner in hand cuffs. 100 points for partner with a cop. 100 points for partner bent over squad car, as pictured above.

Will is *such* a good sport. As was the cop. We were one of the few teams who met a cop that would do this for us. And yes, the cop did place AND lock the cuffs on him. Very trusting on all our parts....

Some of the things we didn't get:
* Pic in a fireman helmet - bonus points for full gear on team-mate
* Pic of airplane on the ground
* Pic of dog in Suby (we don't know anyone with a dog)
* Pic on ferris wheel (I tried, but it was a PITA and we scrapped it)

Sadly, we didn't even place. Oh well, we had fun and I got a *really* good pic of Will on the squad car!

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Art Vandalay said...

That picture should totally be in the xmas cards this year!!!